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We will gradually be publishing older editions of TTA/PTUA news online.


  • July 1994 – Off-peak services, Upfield line, Frequency, proposed Doncaster line, City Circle, Mildura
  • May 1994 – Tribute to PTUA’s founder, Is Melbourne’s density too low for good public transport?
  • March 1994 – Train/bus connections, cross-suburban public transport, Monash Uni buses




  • November 1989 — includes Transport In Crisis event, AGM report, Greenhouse action plan
  • September 1989 — includes notice of AGM, State budget, traffic congestion
  • May 1989 — includes Upfield line, bicycles, light rail, PTUA patrons
  • February 1988 — includes St Kilda lightrail, strikes
  • September 1987 — includes St Kilda lightrail, strikes, PTUA president’s annual report
  • May 1987 — includes St Kilda and Port Melbourne lightrail, noise levels on trains
  • December 1986 — includes the new Domain Interchange, and a reprint of the very first TTA newsletter
  • October 1986 — William Street tram changes, comparison of rail transport statistics across Australia
  • December 1985 – transport proposals, AGM report with the Minister, a year of strikes
  • July 1985 – Meeting the Minister, Paisley and MobilTown stations closed, tram Fairways
  • April 1985 — New minister: Tom Roper, RMIT transport seminar, Discounted tickets, Overseas developments
  • January 1985 — Box Hill Central opens, Leongatha and Stony Point trains return
  • July 1984 – The new Werribee station, high speed rail overseas, V/Line fees, Met tickets
  • May 1984 – Road freight, the first B-class trams, XPT problems, proposed name change from TTA to PTUA
  • March 1984 — Grain freight, interstate train fares, Sydney vs Melbourne train fares, organisation name polling results
  • June 1982 — includes new authorities to run public transport, proposed CBD traffic plan, suburban fleet problems
  • April 1982 — includes Election wrapup, TTA platform: “Transport for the 80s”, XPT launch
  • February 1982 — includes State election, TTA proposals for public transport, bike facilities
  • December 1981 — includes Free travel Sundays, car rego vs train fares 1966-1981
  • August 1981 — includes annual reports 1980-81, country rail “New Deal”
  • October 1981 — includes fare rises, railway lines closed, new trains
  • June 1981 Annual General Meeting — President and Secretaries reports
  • June 1981 — includes a look at the RACV, City Loop costs grow, proposal for Altona to Laverton train line
  • December 1980 — includes City Loop, Lonie Report, rail fares comparison, TTA plan for better public transport
  • September 1980 — includes AGM report, Victorian Transport Study (Lonie Report)


  • October 1979 — Trains the solution to oil crisis, Vicrail not safe, Healesville line