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Public Transport Service Information

The PTUA is Victoria’s public transport advocacy body, we can’t guarantee any service information on our website is accurate. Please use the contact information and links on this page to find the answer to your question.

Service Information & Ticketing

Phone Tree Diagram

  • “Welcome to The Department of Transport”

The Department of Transport and Planning has a central phone system and customer service centre. This diagram can assist you in quicky navigating the phone menu to get your enquiry dealt with quicker.

  • For all public transport information press 1.
    • To hear information about how we manage your personal informationpress 1,
    • To skip any temporary disruption information that may play before the main menu press 0.
    • Otherwise please hold to continue to the main menu.
      • For timetable and travel informationincluding reservations press 1.
        • For journey planning, timetable, or travel enquiries for metropolitan services press 1.
        • For V/Line travel enquiries including reservations press 2.
          • For Journey planning, timetable or booking enquires press 1.
          • For enquiries regarding accessibility travel press 2.
      • For enquires relating to using your myki press 2.
        • If your enquiry is regarding an existing myki card, such as registering, topping up or checking your myki balance press 1.
        • To purchase a new myki press 2.
        • To speak to someone regarding difficulties with your myki press 3.
        • To speak to someone regarding mobile myki press 4.
      • To provide feedback to us on a recent experience press 3.
        • To hear information regarding the Public Transport Ombudsman’s office press 1.
        • Otherwise please hold to speak to one of our representatives.
      • For lost property enquiries press 4.
        • For Metro Trains press 1.
        • For V/Line press 2.
        • For Yarra Trams press 3.
        • For busses press 4.
      • For all other enquiries or to contact public transport personnel please press 5.
  • For all roads information press 2.

Last modified: 12 February 2024


All complaints should be lodged through the Department of Transport customer service centre. This can be done over the phone by calling 1800 800 007 or by completing the complaint form on the PTV website. The customer service staff will provide you with a case number, be sure to write this down in case you need to escalate your complaint later. Once lodged your complaint will be passed onto the relevant operator or Department of Transport area. In most cases you should expect a response within 10 business days.

If the response you get from the Department or operator or is not to your satisfaction, you can contact the Public Transport Ombudsman for additional support in resolving your complaint. You can also contact your local MP to further discuss your experience and how you would like to see them advocate for a better public transport experience.

Network Upgrades & Improvements

Unfortunately there is no single place to find out about planned and upcoming network upgrades and improvements due to the fractured and political nature of the Department of Transport & Planning (DTP) and the Big Build. The below websites will help point you in the right direction.

Public Transport Operator Information

Train & Tram Operators

Bus Operators