Sustainable Cities

About Sustainable Cities

The Sustainable Cities Collective is a grassroots movement jointly coordinated by Friends of the Earth Melbourne and the Public Transport Users Association. The collective is dedicated to promoting urban sustainability and equitable transportation access. Drawing from a diverse array of community members, activists, and experts, this collective strives to address pressing environmental and social challenges inherent in modern urban landscapes. Emphasizing the need for sustainable transportation solutions, they highlight the detrimental impacts of car-centric infrastructure on public health and urban livability, through community organising to build solutions that are informed by the lived experience of everyday Melburnians.

Better Buses

Better Buses is a sustainable cities campaign, calling on the Victorian state government to transform the bus network in Melbourne’s fast-growing western suburbs to a fast, frequent and connected grid of clean, electric buses running 10-minute frequency all day, every day, and increasing our access to jobs, education, healthcare and to each other!

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