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The Geelong Branch of the PTUA was formed over two decades ago to represent the interests of local public transport users.  Our aim is to achieve long-overdue improvements to public transport in and around Victoria’s second-largest city.

Good public transport is essential if we are going to enhance the sustainability of our region.  It will improve air quality, lower congestion, and reduce demand for expensive new roads and car parks.  It has the potential to revitalise the city and make our streets more people-friendly. Geelong and towns in the surrounding district, the Bellarine Peninsula and the Surfcoast, will be easier places to access and live in.

Despite some recent improvements, our region’s bus services are infrequent and slow.  Because they make such poor connections to other services, and stop running so early in the evening, taking public transport usually isn’t a real alternative for those who can drive. Our region must provide decent transport for all sections of society, including those who have no choice but to rely on it.

The train service to Melbourne needs to be extensively upgraded to provide more frequent services, particularly at non-peak times, so that it reflects the importance of the link between the two cities, as well as taking pressure off the clogged road network.

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