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NE Link: Waste of money

When Infrastructure Victoria called the North East Link a “priority road project”, it was because its consultants gave the road a highly favourable initial assessment. The report last year by KPMG, Arup and Jacobs...

HCMT mock-up: interior

Inside Melbourne’s new trains

Last week we took a look at the mock-up of Melbourne’s new train design, to give feedback to the project team. The mock-up is one and a half carriages, designed to show stakeholder groups...

Port Rail Shuttle resuscitation welcomed

Vital context for unsolicited West Gate Tunnel Proposal, says PTUA The Public Transport Users Association welcomes the Andrews Government’s resolution on Sunday to progress work on the Port Rail Shuttle to “level the playing...

Remember Doncaster

Northeast has the worst traffic? It should remind planners that the idea for trains to Doncaster Hill springs from a genuine need long recognised by the community.