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Eddington: Tunnel vision

NewsletterThis article is from our April 2008 newsletter. Please join the PTUA to receive regular newsletters.

Rod Eddington’s East West Needs Assessment report was finally released at the beginning of April. The assessment was a key part of the government’s Meeting Our Transport Challenges strategy, and like MOTC itself the Eddington report deserves a hearty one-hand clap.

Melbourne’s traffic problem actually has a fairly simple diagnosis. A failure to adequately plan and coordinate public transport services means that the bulk of Melburnians are conscripted into mandatory car use.

If you live within walking distance of a railway station or tram and only ever travel along that route, you might find public transport fairly competitive with car travel. Otherwise, you have no choice: if you want a life, you drive a car. This situation has persisted for so long in Melbourne that we assume it’s the natural state of affairs.
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More cities follow the path to public control of transport

Transport for London roundelsFrom our December 2007 newsletter. Please join the PTUA to receive regular newsletters.

A key campaign for the PTUA this year has been working for the restoration of strong public control of public transport in Melbourne and Victoria. Our favoured model for public control is the ‘Transport Community’ model used in cities like Zurich, Vancouver, London, Madrid and Perth, where a central public authority with a strong passenger-focussed culture takes responsibility for strategic and tactical planning of public transport.

Now Brisbane seems set to follow the example of Perth in embracing this model of public transport ‘governance’. One of the first actions of new Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has been to announce a single public transport authority for greater Brisbane.
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Moving Australians Sustainably

Howard and Rudd on a crowded trainPublic transport groups from around Australia recently joined with the PTUA to publish a report on the role of public transport in federal transport policy. The report – Moving Australians Sustainably: Transport Policy in the National Interest – looked at how public transport contributes to a range of federal policy objectives and responsibilities.

The report found that public transport makes a significant contribution to national economic performance by helping to manage traffic congestion, by reducing the need for costly oil imports and by contributing to improved participation and productivity in Australia’s workforce. In light of this, governments that fail to support public transport could hardly be regarded as responsible economic managers.
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July 2007 newsletter

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July 2007 edition articles:

  • Transport the key to emissions reductions
  • Kosky’s contracts countdown
  • Eddington East-West travel study
  • PTUA meets TTA
  • Weekend train crowding continues
  • But it’s not just the trains that are crowded!
  • Branch news: Geelong, Outer East, South-East — Please note the Casey transport meeting is on Wednesday 5th September, not August as printed in the newsletter

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