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Buses or Bust

Users Launch Petition for Frequent Bus Services

The Geelong Branch of the PTUA today launched a petition calling on the major political parties to bring the region’s bus services up to useable standards, within a year from November’s State Election.

The petition calls for more frequent services running later into the evening as the key to making public transport a viable transport choice for more Geelong residents. Continue reading Buses or Bust

Half our MPs ‘get on board’ for Car-Free Challenge

Three of Geelong’s six MPs have accepted a challenge to go “car free” for some of their weekday journeys, the Public Transport Users Association announced today.

Geelong Branch Convener, Tim Petersen, congratulated MPs Ian Trezise, Lisa Neville and John Eren for taking up the challenge to rely on public transport for at least some of their trips. Continue reading Half our MPs ‘get on board’ for Car-Free Challenge

Statement Condemns Geelong to Transport Failure

The Public Transport Users Association today condemned the State Government’s Transport and Liveability Statement and demanded that the Transport Minister resign, citing no confidence in his ability to deliver overdue public transport upgrades.

Geelong Branch Convenor Tim Petersen said the release of the long-awaited statement showed that the Government had no plans to roll out useable public transport throughout Melbourne or Geelong. Continue reading Statement Condemns Geelong to Transport Failure