Train users hail free travel

Train users have hailed the start of free travel on metropolitan services and Geelong buses included in V/Line fares to Melbourne.

“Starting Saturday, V/Line fares will be much better value for train travellers”, said Tim Petersen, Convener of the Geelong Branch of the Public Transport Users Association (PTUA).

“We expect users will take particular advantage of free travel on buses, trains and trams in Melbourne’s Zone 1”, Mr. Petersen said. “We’re delighted the Bracks Government has adopted the concept we first raised in our 2003 discussion paper on fare integration.”

From Saturday 22 April, all V/Line tickets to Melbourne will include free travel on metropolitan transport services in Zone 1. Tickets to Werribee will include free Zone 2 travel. V/Line tickets between Melbourne and Geelong, South Geelong or Marshall will also include free travel on Geelong bus services.

Mr. Petersen said users were a little disappointed that the fare reforms were not yet complete. “Tickets to stations in the northern suburbs won’t include travel on Geelong buses until a later date, and people catching buses to the station will have to buy tickets in advance to have their bus fare included.”

“We’ve been assured that these issues will be fixed, and urge the State Government to do it as soon as possible.”

Mr. Petersen also said the government would need to introduce bus connections to every train for users to take full advantage of the included Geelong bus travel. He added that this would also ease pressure on station car parks.

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