Buses or Bust

Users Launch Petition for Frequent Bus Services

The Geelong Branch of the PTUA today launched a petition calling on the major political parties to bring the region’s bus services up to useable standards, within a year from November’s State Election.

The petition calls for more frequent services running later into the evening as the key to making public transport a viable transport choice for more Geelong residents.

It also calls for the return of bus stops to Geelong’s city centre, better connections to trains and wheelchair access to platforms 2 and 3 at Geelong Station.

Geelong Branch Convener Tim Petersen said high petrol prices and a lack of public transport were hurting Geelong. “People are crying out for viable alternatives to driving but none are being delivered”.

Mr Petersen said buses within suburban Geelong needed to run at least every 15 minutes during the day and early evening to allow motorists to leave their cars at home. He said buses should run at least every half-hour from late evening until midnight.

The petition also calls for buses to the Bellarine Peninsula and Torquay to run up to every half hour during peak times, and at least hourly during the rest of the day and evening.

Volunteers from the PTUA will be gathering signatures until mid September on city streets and at bus stops throughout the region. Copies of the petition will also be available from the PTUA website.

Geelong bus petition (8Kb PDF)

Contacts: PTUA Office (03) 9650 7898 / Geelong Branch: geelong at ptua.org.au