Train timetable on the right track

Users call for further changes and trains every half-hour

The Public Transport Users Association’s Geelong Branch has welcomed V/Line’s new Geelong line timetable as an “important step in the right direction.”

Geelong Branch Convener Tim Petersen congratulated V/Line for responding to many users’ concerns. However, he said there was still room for improvement and called on the State Government to run Melbourne trains every half-hour during the day.

Mr Petersen said rail travellers would applaud the modest number of additional services, including earlier and later trains, more frequent Sunday services, and the extension of more trains to South Geelong and Marshall stations. The more regular services and consistent stopping patterns should also be easier to understand, Mr Petersen said.

However, Mr Petersen said the State Government needed to run Melbourne trains every half hour to make the train a real alternative to driving outside peak times.

Mr Petersen also said that V/Line should extend more trains to Marshall station. “Marshall users shouldn’t have to put up with a second-rate service when trains terminating at South Geelong have sufficient time to get to Marshall and back.”

The Geelong Branch was also concerned that travellers to Werribee will still need to wait up to two hours between some trains, denying users convenient connections between Geelong and the Werribee rail corridor.

Despite these concerns, Mr Petersen said V/Line should also be recognised for acting on feedback to:

  • “Save” the first train to Melbourne on which off-peak fares apply.
  • Retain the morning train to Geelong that arrives at 8:50am.
  • Ensure that trains to Warrnambool no longer stop at all stations.

Contacts: PTUA Office (03) 9650 7898 / Geelong Branch: geelong at ptua.org.au