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How to vote for PT in the Federal Election

Only a few days until the Federal election – with the help of Cardboard Malcolm, we’ve launched our election scorecard! Here’s how the parties compare on transport issues. We will update this page as...

Mr Turnbull unlocks the box, but will public transport benefit?

The Public Transport Users Association today congratulates Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for opening the “locked box” reserved by former PM Tony Abbott for the wasteful and ideologically motivated East West Link project. At the same time, the Association urges the State and Federal Governments to use the opportunity to fund urgently needed public transport upgrades, rather than to reflexively throw money at roads.

PTUA welcomes new PM

The Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) has welcomed new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to the position, and expressed the hope that his ascension will herald a new era of Federal funding for both urban...