2008 Lord Mayor response – Shelley Roberts

Following from my conversation with Daniel Bowen, I would like to provide you with my views regarding public transport; it seems that for one reason or another, I did not receive your survey.

The attached files were my submissions to various requests from the Age, the Herald Sun and importantly the Kensington residents association survey, all sent prior to your published webpage survey, you will note from this that I state the tunnel and more roads are not the answer,

I have not owned a car for the last 10 years and travel everywhere by public transport, indeed when I visit my sister who lives in Berwick; I travel by train, likewise to my friend who lives in Williamstown, I also have a friend in Hepburn Springs, I travel by train either to Ballan or Castlemaine, why, has the train line not been re-opened to Daylesford?

Below is an extract from my policy statement

Shelley Roberts will push for:

  • a free public transport system in Melbourne that is frequent, reliable, safe and available 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • dedicated safe bike and pedestrian thoroughfares
  • greater connectivity of bike paths
  • a park and ride system for bikes
  • a system that recognises the need to live and work in close proximity
  • a council service website to facilitate opportunities for car pooling
  • dedicated separated lanes for pedestrians, bikes and trams on Swanston Street
  • all redevelopment plans for Swanston St to extend to Victoria Parade.
  • delivery vehicles in Swanston St confined to early morning only
  • no buses, taxis or horse drawn carriages on Swanston Street
  • council approved art spaces to Swanston Street and all other areas of the CBD to provide a city rich in culture.

you have my support,

with warm regards


Shelley Roberts B.Arch (Hons) ARBV RAIA


[Further response to a request from us to clarify some points]

[1. You make your position clear on supporting a reduction in car use and opposing the alienation of parkland for road works. But are you prepared to unequivocally state you are opposed to the Eddington road tunnel?]

Absolutely no tunnel, money spent on infrastructure should be spent on public transport and bike lanes, more roads = more cars – just have a look at LA with its twisted mess of freeways,

[2. You have stated your support for separate tram, bike and pedestrian lanes in Swanston St. In your responses to the Age and Herald Sun you also mention cars. Do you support the current ban on cars in Swanston St or would you be seeking to have a lane open for cars as well?]

I support the ban on private cars for Swanston St, emergency vehicles are an exception which travel along the tram line,

My reference to cars was an urban design issue, the separate road/bike/pedestrian lanes I witnessed in Amsterdam seem to work remarkably well,

[3. Consistent with your position on reducing the level of car use in the CBD, will you oppose the further expansion of CBD car parks, or even support a reduction in the amount of car parking?]

a) again, more car parks = more cars, I would rather invest in community infrastructure, than build more car parks

b) I would support a reduction of street parking if it provided greater amenity to the people of the city by providing safer pedestrian areas or bike lanes, however each area needs to be evaluated on a case by case basis, parking needs to be available for delivery of goods to businesses and residents

[4. Do you have a position on traffic priority for trams in the City of Melbourne?]

Trams to have priority, after all they move 100 + people, while generally there are only one or 2 people in cars

Supporting Documents