Geelong signs up for better public transport

More than a thousand Geelong residents and visitors have signed a petition demanding better public transport services in the Geelong region.

The petition calls for more frequent buses running later into the evening as the key to making public transport a viable transport choice for more people.

It also calls for the return of bus stops to Geelong’s city centre, better connections to trains and wheelchair access to platforms 2 and 3 at Geelong Station.

Tim Petersen, convenor of the Geelong Branch of the Public Transport Users Association, said the petition was collected by a small group of volunteers in only one month, underlining widespread dissatisfaction with current services.

“Whichever government is elected in November, the response clearly shows that voters will be expecting public transport of a much higher standard.”

Mr Petersen said high petrol prices would continue to hurt Geelong while there was a lack of useable public transport throughout the region. “People obviously want viable alternatives to driving, but they haven’t been delivered.”

Mr Petersen said the petition called for suburban buses to run at least every 15 minutes during the day and early evening, and at least every half-hour from late evening until midnight. It also calls for buses to the Bellarine Peninsula and Torquay to run up to every half-hour during peak times, and at least hourly during the rest of the day and evening.

Ian Trezise MLA will present the petition to Parliament this week.


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