March 2006 newsletter

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March 2006 edition articles:

  • It’s time to get back on track
  • Alliance unites for better public transport
  • Planning weekend report
  • Volunteers needed
  • The real “balance” between freeways and public transport
  • It’s time to integrate transport and planning
  • It’s time for bus reform
  • Commonwealth Games bus services provide a model
  • It’s time for public control of public transport
  • It’s time for more trains
  • It’s time to fill our railway gaps
  • It’s time for more frequent country services
  • It’s time for tram priority that works for passengers
  • RIP Tram stop 7, 1886-2006
  • It’s time for tram extensions
  • It’s time to bring useable transport to all of Melbourne
  • It’s time to start removing level crossings
  • It’s time for track duplication
  • 20% by 2020 – How we’re travelling
  • PTUA turns 30 this year
  • Commuter Club – discounted yearly Metcards
  • Car sharing – special offer for PTUA members