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Hold the state government to account: Rally at Parliament on Tuesday

Crowded platformWith the rail system in crisis (again), now is the time to remind the government that they must be accountable.

Despite polls showing people would prefer more money be spent on public transport than roads, the government is planning massive expansion of the motorway system under the most recent transport plan. Meanwhile our rail system is falling apart, and most of Melbourne has no usable public transport. The government is clearly not listening.

WHAT: Stop the Brumby Government riding roughshod over our rights.
WHEN: Tuesday 3rd February Arriving at 11.30 am. Speakers begin at Midday.
WHERE: Parliament House, Bourke + Spring Sts, Melbourne.
WHY: Bring back democracy.
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Report from last Sunday’s rally

A large crowd gathered at Flinders Street Station last Sunday to protest against the proposed Eddington road tunnel. Speakers included PTUA, Protectors of Public Lands, and several groups from suburbs likely to be affected by the road tunnel, all calling for the project to be abandoned, and for upgraded public transport instead.

Here is an ABC TV news report of the rally, as well as a nearby rally against clearways.

Rally for better public transport this Sunday 26th October

Flinders Street stepsJoin the Coalition of Transport Action Groups for a community rally and picnic, starting at Flinders St Station and ending up at the Alexandra Gardens opposite the National Gallery of Victoria.

Where: Steps of Flinders Street Station
When: 11:15am for 12 noon, Sunday 26th October 2008
Keynote speaker: Daniel Bowen of the Public Transport Users Association.

Please bring banners and placards supporting sustainable transport and opposing the Eddington tunnel.
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PTUA Annual General Meeting Thursday 30th October

The PTUA Annual General Meeting is on Thursday 30th of October at 6:30pm at Ross House, 247 Flinders Lane.

Our guest speaker for this year’s AGM is Channel 7 state political reporter Brendan Donohoe, who will provide his insights into state politics, the media, and the transport debate.

Brendan has covered state politics since the late-1970s, and is head of the Victorian Parliamentary Press Gallery. He has been with Channel 7 since 1990. Channel 7 news is frequently Melbourne’s top-rating television news service, with over 400,000 viewers per weeknight, and often interviews the PTUA on transport-related stories.

The AGM is also the opportunity for members to discuss transport-related concerns with the PTUA committee, and to see what the PTUA has been doing for the past 12 months.

We also have some important decisions for members — apart from electing a new committee for 2008-2009, there are a number of constitutional amendments being proposed, in response to concerns about “stacking” raised at last year’s AGM.
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Walk to Work day: this Friday

Walk To Work DayThis Friday is Walk To Work Day (WTWD). WTWD is an event to promote regular walking and physical activity. It is an annual, national event in which the community can become involved in a healthy and environmentally friendly activity.

You can be a Walking Class Hero on Friday 5 October 2007 by simply walking all or part of the way to work. Use public transport and get off the bus, train, tram or ferry a few stops earlier and walk the rest of the way. Or take a half-hour walk at lunch-time. And where possible, walk up stairs. But, PLEASE, leave the car at home. If you have to drive, leave the car at least a kilometre or two from your destination and walk the remaining distance.

For more information see the Walk To Work Day web site at