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  • Victorians want investment in public transport

    Polling released today by the Climate Council shows that Victorians want all levels of government to invest more in public and active transport. The PTUA is supporting the Climate Council’s call for governments to allocate at least 50% of their transport budgets to public transport, and 20% to safe walking and biking infrastructure. 80% of…

    Victorians want investment in public transport
  • Midday trains crowded

    Every day between the peaks, some lines are packed because the trains run only every 20 minutes. Melbourne is growing; to cut waiting times and crowding, we need frequent services all day. Share this video on Facebook and Twitter

    Midday trains crowded
  • More bus services needed

    Despite heavy travel demand and overcrowding, most bus routes only run every 30-60 minutes. More services are needed, particularly on main road routes serving major shopping centres, running frequently every day of the week. Share this video on Twitter and Facebook.

    More bus services needed
  • Public transport: frequency must improve across the network #MoreServicesPlease

    If you look at a map of Melbourne’s public transport network, you’d be right in thinking it’s a substantial service covering most of the city. But it will only attract people out of their cars if service quality is better. Frequency has to improve. With most suburban buses running only every 30-60 minutes, and even…

    Public transport: frequency must improve across the network #MoreServicesPlease
  • Sunday trains packed #MoreServicesPlease

    Melbourne’s trains: you might not expect a seat in peak hour, but on Sunday mornings? Most lines are very infrequent – and they’re packed. Services on the Werribee, Williamstown, Sunbury, Craigieburn, Upfield, Mernda, Hurstbridge and Sandringham lines on Sundays run only every 40 minutes until about 10am, resulting in crowding, while spare trains sit idle…

    Sunday trains packed #MoreServicesPlease