Planned overcrowding – Reduced summer timetable results in passenger crush

Crowded train during reduced summer timetables 8/1/2014
In the wake of severe overcrowding on some train services, the PTUA has criticised the continued reduced timetable, which has cut services on some lines by as much as 50% until late January.[1]

The Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) released photos and video [see below] showing crammed conditions on a Frankston line train on Wednesday morning. The services before and after it had been withdrawn due to the reduced timetable.

Passengers have also reported packed services on other lines, including Hurstbridge, Ringwood and trains through North Melbourne.

PTUA President Tony Morton said that while it was understandable that some lines had buses replacement services, or reduced numbers of trains due to major works, other lines were seeing reduced services for no good reason.

“We’re starting to see severe overcrowding in some cases. Imagine what it will be like next week when more people are back from holidays, and the Australian Open starts up and tennis crowds join the fray.”

Dr Morton called on the government to urgently re-instate services on the most crowded lines.

“It may have made sense to have fewer trains just after Christmas, but many CBD workers are back from holidays.

“If the government can stop concentrating for a moment on the East West road tunnel that nobody asked for, and focus on public transport just like the electorate asked them to, this is easily fixed.

“We need our trains back now.”

[1] www.metrotrains.com.au/travelling-with-metro-over-summer — Travelling with Metro over summer

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Photos posted by passengers on Twitter