Users group welcomes reintroduction of paper tickets

The Public Transport Users Association is encouraged by the re-introduction of a conveniently priced paper ticket option as an alternative to Myki – although it will only be available to Seniors Card holders travelling on Mornington Peninsula buses.

Seniors have been up in arms in recent months as it became evident that the Seniors Daily fare in Zones 3 and 4 (covering the southern Peninsula) would no longer be available under Myki, forcing them to pay between $5.42 and $9.02 for a day’s travel, compared to the current rate of $3.80.

The government has now relented, introducing a special Seniors Day Pass which can be bought from the driver on bus routes 787 and 788 for the existing Seniors Daily fare, and like the existing fare, is valid for one day’s travel on the Peninsula and in metropolitan Melbourne.

The PTUA has long campaigned for two-hour and daily short term tickets to be retained alongside the Myki system, as is the case in almost every other city that has introduced smartcards. Like the Peninsula Seniors Day Pass, this could be issued as a paper ticket, and is within the capabilities of existing Myki hardware.

“This is proof positive that paper tickets can be made to work alongside Myki,” said PTUA President Tony Morton. “Given the system can accommodate this option, it should be made available to occasional travellers, visitors and tourists who neither want nor need to pay $6 for a Myki card that won’t be used again for months.”