Tram passengers fenced-in

Boroondara is fencing in tram passengers, delaying trams and resulting in greater road congestion according to the Public Transport Users Association (PTUA). Pedestrian fencing exists at a number of tram stops in the City of Boroondara, including the intersection of Glenferrie and Riversdale roads, Hawthorn and is making it difficult for passengers to board and alight from trams.

“These ugly fences do nothing to enhance safety, instead putting pedestrians, cyclists and tram passengers in greater danger,” said PTUA eastern spokesman Jeremy Lunn. “They are an inconvenience to pedestrians and tram passengers, while often delaying trams and cars as passengers queue up single file to squeeze through the narrow gaps.”

Mr Lunn said that retaining such fencing goes against international trends. Kensington High Street in London, United Kingdom proved that removing pedestrian fences resulted in a decline in pedestrian injuries that was three times greater than elsewhere [1].

“What this suggests is that pedestrian fences create a greater danger for pedestrians by encouraging motorists to pay less attention and speed through instead. A further danger is created because passengers cannot cross directly between the kerbside and the tram.”

“Gaps in the fencing often fail to align with tram doors, which hinders passenger access to trams. This would be impossible to achieve with this fencing in place because of the wide range of tram types that operate on Glenferrie and Riversdale roads.”

“Our photos show that the fencing was installed without much thought or consideration for tram passengers. It’s a perfect example of failed urban design and planning.”

“The fences are unsafe, inconvenient and an eyesore. They should be removed from this location and others in Boroondara,” Mr Lunn concluded.

[1] http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article703116.ece

Tram stops with fencing
Glenferrie and Riversdale roads, Hawthorn (tram 16, 70 and 75) as per this release,
Glenferrie Road near Barkers Road, Hawthorn (tram 16),
Burke and Cotham roads, Kew (tram 72 and 109),
Bridge Road and Church Street, Hawthorn (tram 48, 75)