Tram 8 to Kooyong short-sighted

The Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) has criticised as short-sighted plans by the Department of Transport to terminate route 8 trams at Kooyong.

“The objective should be to extend the number 8 tram east to Hartwell where it would connect with several other tram, train and bus routes,” said PTUA eastern spokesman Jeremy Lunn. “Kooyong is in the wrong direction as it should be going further east.”

Mr Lunn said that extending the route 8 tram east would have immense benefits, including linking the following public transport services:

  • Tram 8 (existing section) on Toorak Road
  • Tram 16 on Glenferrie Road
  • 624 bus on Toroonga Road
  • 612 bus on Bowen Street/Glen Iris Road
  • Tram 72 on Burke Road
  • Tram 75 on Camberwell Road/Toorak Road
  • Alamein trains at Burwood

“Essentially you’d be filling in a public transport blackhole on Toorak Road, which currently doesn’t have any trams or buses linking the existing tram 8 terminus and the 75 tram in Camberwell.

“Without a tram service we’re going to see traffic chaos on Toorak Road as the $550 million Stockland Tooronga development floods our streets with even more cars.

“Sending trams to Kooyong will require significant infrastructure works such as a terminus on the north side of the railway line and a junction to get the tram into Glenferrie Road. It’s a waste of money when the tram should be heading east to provide a real service.

“All we’re going to do by taking it to Kooyong is inconvenience people when the tram is later extended east, which is the real long-term solution and should be a high priority for the government. Thus, the change is short-sighted and evidently not thought through properly.”