Oakleigh bus hub a hazard

Oakleigh bus interchangePublic safety is being put at risk at the Oakleigh bus interchange according to the Public Transport Users Association (PTUA). The PTUA has called for a redesign of the bus interchange in Oakleigh to improve passenger and pedestrian safety.

“The current bus interchange is an accident waiting to happen,” said the PTUA’s outer east convenor Jeremy Lunn. “We are only a step away from someone being killed or seriously injured.

“The interchange consists of a narrow strip wedged between a car park near the station and two roadways. It’s barely enough room for a growing and often crowded bus interchange like Oakleigh.”

Mr Lunn said he believes the Department of Transport is responsible for the unsupervised car park and for improving the bus interchange. The PTUA wants the interchange upgrade to incorporate wider footpaths and more space for passengers.

“The car park has room for only 40 cars, compared with thousands of bus passengers using the interchange,” Mr Lunn said. “The Department of Transport is putting passengers’ safety at risk because they refuse to use the space more effectively to serve a far greater number of people.

“An upgraded interchange would provide a substantial boost to the safety and convenience of passengers. It would also make it easier for people transferring between buses and trains and for accessing local shops in Oakleigh by bus.

“There’s potential to move twice the number of people as by car on Warrigal Road with an upgraded interchange. It’s time to give bus passengers the treatment and priority they deserve.” Mr Lunn concluded.