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Shuttle bus shows urgent need for rail

The Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) has endorsed the new route 601 express bus service operating between Huntingdale railway station and Monash University Clayton campus, but said it should be seen as an interim measure only. The PTUA warned that the service will not entirely solve Monash University’s transport woes and proves that the Rowville railway line is urgently needed.

“While the shuttle bus is welcome, it does not have the potential to attract the same patronage or to move the same volumes as the train line,” said PTUA’s outer east convenor Jeremy Lunn. “This bus does not offer the economic benefits or the 15,000 or more new jobs that the Rowville railway would generate in the Cities of Monash and Knox.

“We support this bus service as an interim measure for Monash University students and staff, who need an adequate means of getting to campus. Currently there are long queues at Huntingdale station, and full buses depart leaving stranded passengers waiting.

“What this ultimately shows is that huge demand exists for the Rowville railway line, which is needed right away. It’s not something we can afford to neglect any longer.

“The bus certainly doesn’t offer a solution for the residents and businesses of Monash and Knox who are located east of Monash University.

“While we support the new shuttle bus, we hope that the government’s study will focus strongly towards commencing the urgent construction of the Rowville railway line via Monash University,” Mr Lunn concluded.