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Rail investigation finds great prospects

On Friday 20th May members of the Outer East Branch of the Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) together with representatives of the City of Knox inspected the route for the proposed Rowville railway line.

“We saw the great potential for this railway line to revolutionise transport and the economy by creating over 15,000 jobs in the cities of Knox and Monash,” said PTUA outer east convenor Jeremy Lunn. “The potential to reduce car dependency in Knox and adjoining municipalities is especially important.”

The tour inspected the proposed locations for railway stations at Stud Park, Rowville Parkway, Waverley Park, Mulgrave, Monash University and the interchange with the existing Huntingdale station.

“It makes a world of difference being able to see everything from the ground with the council’s planning experts there to explain how it would work. The potential for new land use by residents and businesses is exciting,” Mr Lunn said.

“We strongly believe that the City of Knox has the right vision and is doing great deeds for the community with their work in support of the Rowville railway line.”

At Huntingdale railway station, participants of the tour witnessed a queue of around fifty students waiting for a bus to Monash University Clayton campus.

“This was at 10:50am, well outside peak travel time. Monash students and staff are crying out for better public transport, especially the Rowville railway line which would take them straight to the Clayton campus.

Mr Lunn said that Rowville residents are also facing the consequences of having no railway line at present.

“Eastlink has failed to solve congestion, which is growing at such a rate where only trains could make an impact. Lack of public transport is also a detriment to young people in Knox who struggle to get around,” he said.

“The community at large is looking forward to the new jobs it would create and greater access to existing jobs, including a 35 minute travel time to the Melbourne CBD.

“The economic, social and environmental benefits of Rowville rail are substantial and we should see this more clearly as the Government’s feasibility study gets underway. It’s essential that the Baillieu Government gets this whole process right. The PTUA will be participating fully in the government’s feasibility study process,” Mr Lunn concluded.

Queue for buses at Huntingdale
The queue for buses at Huntingdale, at 10:50am, well outside peak hour

Monash Uni Clayton carpark
Car park at Monash University Clayton — could this land be better used?