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Bus lane removal short-sighted

The Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) has condemned the removal of bus lanes on Stud Road. It says a combined solution incorporating buses and rail is needed for Rowville.

“Removing bus lanes will only create temporary relief for motorists,” said PTUA outer east convenor Jeremy Lunn. “In the absence of effective public transport congestion will eventually build up again and commuters will be no better off.”

“We understand that many motorists using this section of Stud Road are using it to link east-west journeys between Rowville and the inner city. This is exactly the kind of journey that the Rowville railway line will cater for.”

“It goes to show that Eastlink has failed as an effective transport solution for the outer east. The real missing link has always been the Rowville railway line.”

“The removal of bus lanes is short sighted as we need the bus lanes more than ever to cater for a growing population and increased travel. Buses will provide the most convenient means for many Knox residents to access their new rail service.”

Mr Lunn said that many bus services currently operate on an abysmal half-hourly interval or worse. He called for all main bus routes to be upgraded to run every 10 minutes, seven days-a-week.

“The State Government needs to extend, not remove, the bus lanes so they provide an uninterrupted passage for buses. The State Government must also upgrade bus services and create more bus lanes rather than remove existing ones.”