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Eastern transport derails Brumby

Public transport in Melbourne’s east has been a major factor contributing towards the swing to the Liberal Party, according to the Public Transport Users Association (PTUA). The PTUA has welcomed policies such as the Rowville and Doncaster railway lines, along with the independent Public Transport Development Authority, which helped deliver victory to the Coalition.

“Commuters are fed up with the decades of neglect towards public transport that we’ve been experiencing,” said the PTUA’s outer east convenor Jeremy Lunn. “The Brumby Government had no plans to address the serious public transport problems that plague this city.

“We’re looking forward to seeing the planning work begin on the Rowville and Doncaster railway lines. The incoming government has a mandate to complete these studies successfully. We hope that the studies will be completed the very best experts, such as individuals experienced in successful projects such as the Mandurah railway line in Perth.

“The Coalition would have had clearer victory had they committed to improving bus and tram services. It’s vital that the Public Transport Development Authority assumes the role of planning the rollout of frequent bus services and co-ordinating buses with trains.

“Many people will still rely on buses in order to reach the Rowville and Doncaster railway lines and other improved rail services.

“The only way we can address congestion on our road and to improve liveability standards in the east is to address all modes of public transport. Frequent train, tram and bus services need to be available to everyone.”