PTUA welcomes Coalition pledge of Authority to run public transport

The PTUA has applauded the Liberal/National Coalition’s transport policy, noting that their commitment to establish a new Public Transport Development Authority is likely to make the huge difference to Melbourne’s ailing transport system.

“For too long Melbourne’s public transport has drowned in a sea of red tape, with scores of agencies, but nobody taking responsibility for such things as co-ordinated timetables”, said PTUA president Daniel Bowen.

“Ad hoc upgrades won’t solve our transport woes. It requires a dedicated authority that will take a holistic view of the system and pin point where the issues are.

“Provided it is well-managed and run, the Authority will help to fix train, tram and bus co-ordination problems, providing a seamless network across Melbourne and Victoria, while planning for the future to ensure investment is directed towards continuing to encourage and cater for increased patronage.

“It’s now clear that there is strong support for this idea throughout the community. Of the three biggest parties, only Labor does not have a policy to address the disconnect in public transport management.”

Mr Bowen also welcomed the Coalition’s commitment to 40 new trains, as well as new stations at Southland and Grovedale, and funding for rail system maintenance.

“The Coalition may not have promised more Smartbuses and tram route extensions, but with a pledge to establish the Public Transport Development Authority, to buy more trains and look at rail lines to Rowville and Doncaster, are now in a very strong position on public transport.

“We now challenge Labor to get on board with the Coalition and the Greens and support an effective, independent public transport authority”, Mr Bowen concluded.