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North-east freeway could kill Doncaster rail

A north-east freeway link would create mayhem on Manningham roads and would put the much needed Doncaster railway at risk according to the Public Transport Users Association (PTUA).

“The Brumby government is so intent on denying Doncaster residents with rail, that they’re already looking at ways to dig a grave for Doncaster rail,” said PTUA spokesman Jeremy Lunn. “All the north-east freeway will do is dump many more cars on our roads.

“Roads such as Bulleen Road, Manningham Road, Thompsons Road and Doncaster Road would carry much more traffic than present. Home owners will pay the true price as property values plummet from all the extra traffic.

“Residents can also look forward to a towering spaghetti junction at the intersection of Bulleen Road and Eastern Freeway, resulting in an unknown number of property acqusitions. It is this junction that could potentially obstruct the existing reservation for the Doncaster railway line.

“A secret plan has been revealed for the further widening of the Eastern Freeway between Chandler Hwy and Springvale Road, which is likely to involve further compulsory property acqusitions.”

Mr Lunn said that public transport is the only solution that will ease pressure on Manningham roads.

“We need a railway line to Doncaster, the extension of the 48 tram to Doncaster Hill and upgraded bus services.

“We don’t need a $20 billion white elephant such as the north-east freeway link. It’s time to invest in real transport solutions.”