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Users welcome Greens support for a Geelong public transport authority

Public transport users have welcomed the Greens’ support for a dedicated public transport authority for Geelong, which promises to give the region a greater say over its public transport services.

Convenor of the Geelong Branch of the Public Transport Users Association, Paul Westcott, congratulated the Greens for being the first major party to pick up the idea for a Geelong public transport authority, and called on the other major parties to follow suit.

“An open and accountable local public transport authority, based in the Geelong region, would give Geelong residents a greater say in the way our services are planned and run, and help us monitor the system’s performance,” Mr Westcott said.

He noted that responsibility for our public transport system is currently spread over a large number of separate organisations.  This not only makes it difficult for users to know who to contact with suggestions or concerns, but also leads to buck passing and blame shifting between the various bodies.

“A local public transport authority will be a ‘one stop shop’ for information, planning, and feedback about the system.  It will give Geelong residents greater ownership of the region’s public transport and help it develop into an efficient network that provides a real alternative to car use,” Mr Westcott said.

“We now challenge the Labor and Liberal parties to follow the Greens’ lead, and help untangle the current confusion which characterises the administration of our public transport.”