Chadstone transport woes spur new group

A new Facebook group has been launched by the Public Transport Users Association (PTUA). The group aims to harness the support of the public in order to solve the many transport woes that exist around Chadstone Shopping Centre.

“After years of bad planning and neglect we have a situation that is sub-optimal around Chadstone,” said Jeremy Lunn, the PTUA’s Outer East Convenor. “Crowded buses are getting caught in traffic because the government and Chadstone owners have failed to see the importance of public transport”.

To solve these problems the group aims to achieve the following improvements:

  • Buses every 10 minutes on the main bus routes serving Chadstone and upgraded services on all other routes.
  • Bus lanes on Middle Road and other service roads in Chadstone.
  • Traffic light priority in and around Chadstone.
  • Improvements to bus interchange facilities.

“We invite members of the public to join our group to show support for improved bus services to Chadstone. It is also a means for members of the public to have their say about the transport issues at Chadstone.”

However, the PTUA is not restricting the group to existing public transport users.

“We understand that there are many motorists and local residents, who are frustrated by the traffic congestion around Chadstone. These people no doubt understand that you cannot solve the traffic woes by adding additional levels of car parking, as this would only make the traffic problems worse.”

“We hope that the group will show the State Government and Chadstone owners that public transport should be a much greater priority for getting people to the centre.”

To join the group visit: