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It’s called Metro, let’s run it like a Metro

Metro SiemensThe Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) has welcomed Metro Trains Melbourne on its first day of operation, and called for the government to boost services across the week.

“Around the world, the name ‘Metro’ means a service with frequent trains, from early to late, seven-days-a-week. This is what the government must commit to for Melbourne”, said PTUA President Daniel Bowen.

Mr Bowen said passengers needed to see more than just new logos on the trains and stations, and better reliability was critical. But he said the key to getting more people out of cars and onto public transport was a complete re-write of the timetable, incorporating trains at least every 10 minutes on all lines.

The PTUA says about 80% of Melbourne’s train system can cater for services every 10 minutes with no infrastructure changes.

“Trains every 10 minutes are possible on most of the rail network right now with the infrastructure we already have. All that’s needed is more drivers and maintenance staff.

“Melburnians tell us that long waiting times are what stops them making more use of public transport, and with waits of 30-40 minutes after 7pm on most lines, it’s not hard to see why.

“Trains every 10 minutes would slash waiting times, and allow people to travel quickly and efficiently at any time, without even needing to look at a timetable.

“Supported by frequent connecting bus and tram services, with frequent trains 7-days-a-week we could truly transform our public transport into a world-class system.”

Most of the rail network could run every 10 minutes

Blue — services every 10 minutes possible
Green — infrastructure changes needed; can run every 15-20 minutes in the mean time
Cyan — less frequent services

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