PTUA scores Lord Mayor candidates: update

The Public Transport Users Association has updated its scorecard for the 2008 Melbourne Lord Mayor election, following late responses received from the Robert King Crawford / Michael Kennedy team and the Shelley Roberts / Abdiaziz Farah team.

After considering the responses it was decided to grant these candidates a B score, up from the default ranking of D. Both teams have clarified their position to state their opposition to the Eddington road tunnel, to support tram priority and to keep Swanston Street as a pedestrian-oriented transit mall.

Scorecard Summary (in ranking order)

  • Adam Bandt—Kathleen Maltzahn: A
  • Joseph Toscano—Margaret Ely: B+
  • Robert King Crawford—Michael Kennedy: B
  • Shelley Roberts—Abdiaziz Farah: B
  • Gary Morgan—Michele Anderson: C+
  • Peter McMullin—Tim Wilson: C-
  • Catherine Ng—Terry Makings: C-
  • Gary Singer—Joanne Painter: C-
  • Will Fowles—David Wilson: D+
  • Nick Columb—Sue Calwell: D
  • Robert Doyle—Susan Riley: F

Link to full scorecard details