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Petition to end bus drought

The Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) has launched a petition demanding an end to inadequate bus services along Canterbury Road and calling for a new ‘SmartBus’ service operating between Box Hill and Ringwood serving commuters, business and the community.

“The bureaucrats and the Brumby Government are just not paying attention to the needs of the traveling public, and that has to change,” said Jeremy Lunn Outer-East Convenor. “Canterbury Road is a major road and deserves a proper service.”

At present, the 765 bus partially operates along Canterbury Rd, but has many shortcomings:

* It runs only as far as Mitcham, rather than to the major centre at Ringwood.

* It is infrequent on Saturdays, and does not connect well with trains

* Canterbury Rd has no night or Sunday services

* Forest Hill Chase, a major activity shopping centre, is poorly served by public transport

“The government even admits that two-thirds of Melbournians rely on the bus as their primary means of public transport, but won’t go and put the services in that people want or need. This is one of the key reasons why the bus network remains inadequate and neglected,” said Mr Lunn.

Under the proposal advocated in the PTUA’s petition, a new SmartBus service would operate on Canterbery Road, running between Box Hill and Ringwood.

Mr Lunn said that unless such steps are taken, many would spend a long hot summer waiting for a bus that isn’t coming. “It’s time to end the bus drought on Canterbury Road and ensure that public transport is available to everyone.”

Canterbury Road Smartbus petition (PDF 44Kb)