Successful project a hopeful sign of things to come

The Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) has congratulated the new Minister for Public Transport in delivering the Middleborough Road grade separation project ahead of schedule and with minimal inconvenience.

“The Minister for Public Transport, Lynne Kosky, deserves congratulations for overseeing the Middleborough Road grade separation project and delivering a project ahead of schedule,” said PTUA Vice-President Alex Makin. “This will hopefully mark the beginning of a new era where the government completes public transport projects on-time and on-budget”.

The grade separation of Middleborough Road marks the first separation of road and rail since Dorset and Boronia Roads in Boronia in 1998. During construction works for Middleborough Road, passengers were transferred to buses between Box Hill and Blackburn with normal operations scheduled to begin on the 29th of January, one week ahead of schedule.

“While it is fair to say that there were teething problems, these were largely resolved after the first week of temporary services”, said Mr. Makin. “The largely seamless coordination between replacement buses and trains must serve as a model for any future interruptions along rail corridors to ensure that inconvenience is kept at an absolute minimum”.

“Upon Lynne Kosky’s appointment as Minister for Public Transport there appeared to be an increase in communication as well as the focus to ensure the project was undertaken with as little inconvenience as possible. We congratulate the Minister on her first successful project and look forward to seeing more public transport projects being delivered”, concluded Mr. Makin.

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