New public transport minister welcomed

The Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) has welcomed the appointment of Lynne Kosky as the Minister for Public Transport. PTUA president Daniel Bowen said Ms Kosky had demonstrated her abilities to achieve innovation and reform in her previous position as Minister for Education and Training.

“We hope that Ms Kosky will renew the government’s focus and commitment to its public transport goals including the target of 20% modal share by 2020”, said Mr Bowen.

Mr Bowen expressed hope that the separation of the transport portfolio into separate Roads/Ports and Public Transport ministries would not lead to transport and planning outcomes that fail to meet broader economic, social and environmental goals. He also urged the newly appointed ministers to strengthen cooperation on joint projects such as Think Tram, which is managed by VicRoads, and straddles the areas of public transport and roads.

“The PTUA remains ready and willing to work with Lynne Kosky in order to establish a new vision for Melbourne and Victoria’s public transport system, including much needed rail extensions and better bus services.

“We also welcome Justin Madden’s appointment as Minister for Planning and John Thwaites as the Minister for Climate Change. These portfolios have vital linkages to public transport since increased public transport usage will enhance Melbourne’s liveability and reduce greenhouse emissions”, concluded Mr Bowen.

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