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Liberal public transport policy welcomed — More needed

The Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) has welcomed the Liberal Party’s Transport Policy, which reaffirms commitment for metropolitan rail and tram extensions and the potential for fundamental improvements for the bus network.

“This policy reaffirms both the feasibility and necessity of rail extensions into growth areas”, said Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) Vice-President Alex Makin. “Extensions to South Morang and Cranbourne East cannot be deferred as too difficult and are required now to provide these communities with essential infrastructure”.

“Likewise Doncaster Hill, an activity centre as identified within Melbourne 2030, is located within the only municipality that lacks any form of fixed rail or tram access. The extension of tram 48, an easy and feasible tram extension, is required to spur investment in Doncaster in a similar vein to the success that has occurred with the Kennett initiated tram extension to Box Hill”.

“The funding allocated to the Dandenong line would provide immediate service improvements without the drastic inconvenience and expenditure necessary with the third track proposal. The fact is, more trains were running along the metropolitan network in the 1980s than today, so to claim that our current rail system is at capacity is absolute nonsense and a fabrication to excuse seven years of inaction”.

“We look forward to further announcements in regard to the bus network. We welcome the Opposition’s commitment to reviewing bus services to deliver greatly improved frequency and operating spans and to improve passenger confidence through the removal of the chronic and wasteful duplication that currently exists”, said Mr. Makin.

“This policy is a positive step forward and would recommit Melbourne to a sustainable future with a reliable public transport network. Further detail is however required for the bus network as well as frequency improvements across the entire tram and train network. We call on the Liberal Party to clearly articulate its vision for improved service frequencies across Melbourne. We also urge the Labor Party to reaffirm its commitment to these rail extensions, all of which stemmed from their own broken promises back in 1999”, concluded Mr. Makin.

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