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NEITS a sham: Where’s the projects?

The Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) has condemned the lack of credible projects presented in the North East Integrated Transport Study (NEITS) and dismissed the study as inadequate for Melbourne’s growing north-east.

“NEITS is certainly not the 20 year vision for transport planning as promised to the municipalities of Banyule, Manningham, Whittlesea and Nillumbik”, said PTUA spokesman Christopher Trikilis. “The document contains nothing more than band-aid measures that will do very little to provide transport choice and enhance public transport in these areas”.

Many desperately required projects were excluded despite community support. This includes the provision of a comprehensive network of bus services, extending the tram from North Balwyn to Doncaster, fixing all the pinch points on the Hurstbridge line and extension of the Epping line through to Mernda.

“NEITS is some 18 months overdue and yet it still under delivers. The independence of the document is highly questionable given that the study simply conforms to government policy rather than provide beneficial and plausible outcomes for the region”, said Mr. Trikilis.

“Councils, businesses and residents of the north-east, who are suffering due to inadequate transport options, have received yet another slap in the face for their efforts. NEITS is nothing more than a sham and a joke”, Mr. Trikilis concluded.

Media coverage of this story: Manningham Weekly, 6 September 2006: Study fails, say transport users