Users welcome V/Line changes

The Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) has welcomed the announcement of new V/Line timetables, to take effect in September.

PTUA president Daniel Bowen said that while the new timetables were not perfect, they were a big improvement to those living, studying and working along the five main train lines, with a healthy boost to the number of services.

“There is particular benefit for regional commuters into Melbourne who might want to enjoy evening events, shopping and restaurants in the city before heading home”, Mr Bowen said.

“Visitors from Melbourne to the country will also benefit from more regular, and later, trains to and from the regions on weekends.”

Mr Bowen said there had been a concern that the government would choose to run more trains express all the way, skipping important stops, to achieve the fastest running time and validate their Fast Rail project, which had been controversial due to its cost and conversion of much of the Bendigo line to single track.

“We’re very pleased that they’ve seen sense and are moving towards a train service that better meets the needs of regional Victoria”, he said.

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Please note: We are aware of serious concerns around the new Gippsland line timetables, and are looking at ways of addressing them in our lobbying.