Transport and Liveability Statement: Pre-release audio

These audio grabs are for radio news programmes, for the morning of Wednesday 17th May 2006, providing comment before the release of the Transport and Liveability Statement later today.

Daniel Bowen, president of the Public Transport Users Association:

  • “We’ve got spiralling petrol prices and traffic congestion out of control, and a public transport system that only serves about a third of the city effectively. If this Transport and Liveability Statement doesn’t address all these issues, it has to be considered a failure.” (MP3, 13 seconds, 104Kb)
  • “Melbourne already has a much larger road system than comparable cities across the world. And it’s getting bigger, with billions of dollars of motorway construction currently underway. What people need is an alternative to driving. Give them good quality public transport and they can leave the car at home, get relief from petrol prices, and help the traffic snarls.” (MP3, 18 seconds, 146Kb)