Green tax reform

PTUA treasurer Kerryn Wilmot has an opinion piece published in today’s Age Business section, which argues that the tax system should be reformed to encourage energy efficiency and discourage pollution: Next wave of tax reforms should be green

Agree with the article? Here are some things you can do:The government has not yet released its response to the Sustainable Cities Inquiry report. The PTUA encourages people to write to Senator Ian Campbell urging full adoption of the Sustainable Cities recommendations.

Write to federal transport minister, Warren Truss, urging extension of federal funding to public transport, as is common in other industrialised nations including the UK and USA.

Write to federal Treasurer, Peter Costello, urging extension of federal funding to public transport and reform of fringe benefits tax rules so that public transport is treated at least as favourably as car travel (or car travel no more favourably than public transport). You might like to warn against the lowering of fuel excise as fuel tax cuts would discourage efficiency and conservation right when we need to be reducing demand.

Write to state transport ministers and shadow ministers urging increased emphasis on public transport and rail freight in transport planning.  If in Victoria, also urge the establishment of an efficient public agency to plan and manage public transport, along the lines of those in Zurich, Perth and Vancouver.

Write to your local MPs about the above issues.