Statement must deliver on promises

Following the announcement of the State Government’s ‘Transport and Liveability Statement’, the Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) has called for a specific focus on Doncaster.

“It is time for the State Government to finally provide Manningham with a real transport alternative”, PTUA spokesman Christopher Trikilis said. “For too long we have heard promises of upgrades and infrastructure investment but all that results for the people of Manningham is utter disappointment time and time again”.

Amid growing dissatisfaction and an ongoing media campaign highlighting public transport difficulties the State Government was forced to concede that it considering a public transport plan for Doncaster as part of the upcoming Transport and Liveability Statement although details have not been forthcoming.

“Manningham has not received adequate public transport funding over many years. Rectifying this will go a long way to ensuring the prosperity and liveability of this important part of Melbourne” Mr Trikilis said. “This statement must ensure that Manningham receives a comprehensive plan to deliver much needed infrastructure”.

The PTUA has stated that the plan must deliver both a short-term component, which includes an extension of tram 48 from North Balwyn to Doncaster along Doncaster Road and bus service span improvements plus a longer-term component which includes heavy-rail to Doncaster along the Eastern Freeway.

“The tram extension which could be constructed in 12-18 months would for the first time provide a fast, frequent and permanent service into an area starved of fixed rail infrastructure”, said Mr. Trikilis. “Short-cuts cannot be taken meaning the State Government must in the longer term commit to heavy-rail along the Eastern Freeway”.

“The proper solutions must be chosen: heavy rail to Doncaster, extending tram 48 and buses at night and weekends. Doncaster must receive the tram extension and bus improvements immediately to ensure that the statement is more than just hollow words”, Mr. Trikilis concluded.

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