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Mulgrave is closed on weekends unless you have a car — PTUA calls for 7-day bus services

The Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) is calling on all Mulgrave by-election candidates to champion 7-day bus services on crucial routes within the electorate.

Key Mulgrave bus routes 800, 802, 804, 814 and 885 do not operate on Sundays despite providing residents in the electorate a connection to destinations such as Chadstone, Monash University, Dandenong, Glen Waverley and Waverley Gardens. 

Bus operating hours are also subpar, with up to 2-hour waits and timetables that finish around 3:30 p.m. on Saturdays despite high usage on the trips that do operate. 

In the wake of changing travel patterns in a post-COVID world, the PTUA believes that ensuring the availability of public transport services seven days a week is more vital than ever. 

“Limited bus services increase the cost of living, lessens access to jobs and cements car reliance at a time when many Mulgrave people are struggling with the cost of living.”  says PTUA president Tony Morton. 

Patronage data state-wide have demonstrated the way people use public transport has evolved significantly. Travel patterns have shifted, and we’ve seen an increasing number of trips taking place outside of traditional peak hours. This new trend emphasises the pressing need for comprehensive, frequent and reliable services every day of the week.

Some timetables have not had any new services added in over 30 years despite rising demand and population growth.

7-day bus services are crucial to allow Mulgrave residents easy and affordable access to employment opportunities, medical services, and education. 7-day bus services accommodate everyone’s diverse schedules and needs, making public transport an accessible and dependable choice for all members of the community.

The provision of 7-day services on routes 800, 802, 804, 814, and 885, will greatly increase the economic opportunities for residents in Mulgrave as well as reduce car dependence that is so prevalent in many middle and outer Melbourne suburbs. 

Dr Morton added that 7-day services are affordable to provide as it would merely work the existing bus fleet harder. “Buses should be on the roads 7 days getting people where they need to be, not locked up in depots”, he said. 

The PTUA invites all candidates running in the Mulgrave by-election to recognise the positive impact that 7-day bus services can have on the region’s residents and its future. The PTUA calls upon these candidates to commit to advocating for comprehensive public transport services to meet the changing needs of the community.

Big win for south east, no win for west and north, masks ‘split personality’ on transport policy

The Napthine Government’s announcement of $2 billion of rail infrastructure upgrades and new trains for the Dandenong, Pakenham and Cranbourne corridors has won the strong backing of the Public Transport Users Association, who have labelled it “a template for fixing the rail network across Melbourne”.

But it is a shame the improvements are entirely confined to the South East of Melbourne, and a sign the government is handicapped by its single-minded devotion to the East West Link, the PTUA said today.

“This is a big dose of good news for transport in the south-east of Melbourne and in Gippsland,” said PTUA President Tony Morton. “It’s a major growth corridor and it will now have the room to grow with the rail service it needs.”
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Point Nepean visitors cheated with poor public transport

Visitors to the Portsea polo event at Point Nepean National Park last Saturday were cheated by the poor quality and over-priced public transport service offered, according to the Public Transport Users Association (PTUA).

PTUA spokesman Jeremy Lunn said people wanting to travel by bus to the polo event from Sorrento to Point Nepean National Park were not allowed to use the regular public transport service.

The PTUA received reports of passengers being denied access to the regular 788 bus by drivers and instead being forced to board “special” buses organised for the day which cost them $10. If they had been allowed to use the regular bus service, it would have cost them only $2.20 (or $1.10 concession).
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Summer buses insufficient and poorly promoted on Southern Peninsula

The Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) has slammed the State Government for failing to provide sufficient bus services over the summer holiday period on route 788 between Frankston and Portsea. It has further accused the government of poorly advertising service amendments, nor promoting the service as an alternative to driving, leading to increased road congestion on the Peninsula.

“With a 45 minute service frequency each day until 29 January, the 788 ranks amongst the very worst of all the 337 bus services in Melbourne over the holiday period,” said PTUA spokesman Jeremy Lunn.

Even with revised weekend and public holiday service frequencies between 26 December and 29 January running every 45 minutes from the usual 75 minutes, many travellers have been left confused because the timetable changes were announced very late and still remain virtually unadvertised.
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Peninsula buses take holiday leave

Route bus services along Point Nepean Road face collapse over the Christmas/New Year period as thousands of revellers descend upon bayside holiday spots.

“What is supposed to be a relaxing family time of the year is likely to be reduced to bedlam as visitors try to cram on to infrequent bus services, while the road network and car parks overflow,” said Public Transport Users Association spokesman Jeremy Lunn.
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Call for railway station at Southland

The Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) has called on the state government and opposition to commit to building a railway station at Southland Shopping Centre.

PTUA president Daniel Bowen said it was ludicrous that a major traffic generator adjacent to a railway line had no station.

Southland’s western entrance is only a short distance from the Frankston line, but train passengers must walk a kilometre from the closest station at Cheltenham, or catch buses, which are not timed to connect with trains, and depart from several different stops.
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Peninsula Link entrenches car dependence

From PTUA’s December 2009 newsletter.

Despite having no Federal funds for its `Peninsula Link’, the State Government has announced its intention to proceed regardless, driving a motorway through precious native wildlife habitat and historic homesteads, in order to further entrench car dependence in south-east Melbourne and for visitors to the Peninsula.
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Eastlink always was the wrong solution

The Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) has attacked the State Government for propping up Eastlink with $700 million of taxpayer funds through its decision to build a Frankston Bypass. The Association says the money should be used to improve public transport instead.

“We warned the government that Eastlink would be the wrong solution to our transport difficulties and sadly that has proved correct,” said Jeremy Lunn, the PTUA’s Outer East convenor. “The biggest problem in Melbourne’s outer suburbs has always been the lack of usable public transport and Eastlink was certainly never going to solve that.”
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Halt climate change now!

human sign photoSunday, 22nd April 2007, 10am
Sandringham Beach

Volunteers needed to form the “Human Sign”: “HALT CLIMATE CHANGE NOW!

Bring family and friends to this fun event organised by the Bayside Climate Change Action Group. Help raise global warming awareness and promote sustainability. An aerial photo will be taken, followed by Bayside City Council’s Sustainable Living Expo on the foreshore. The PTUA will have a stand at the Expo, so come along and say hello.
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