2014 State election scorecard

Election 2014 scorecard

Summary of ratings:

Liberal/National Coalition — Some good (almost too good to be true?) promises on train/tram fleet expansion, and rail network extensions (though we’re wary of the hastily-designed Melbourne Rail Link tunnel). But any good policies have been completely undermined by the rush to sign contracts the incredibly expensive East West Link before the election. — D

Labor — Level crossing removals will make a difference right across Melbourne, as will bus upgrades. All-night weekend trains/trams will also help night-owls and those travelling early on Sundays, though only hourly services will need boosting to be a success. It will be important if Labor wins that they ensure East West Link is cancelled. — B

Greens — A firmer position on stopping East West Link, some sensible short tram extensions to improve network connectivity, an emphasis on signal upgrades to get more trains running, and backing for rail lines that some suburbs have been waiting decades for. — A

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