Election 2010 scorecard


Update November 2012: See our scorecard for the Baillieu government’s first two years


Updated 24-Nov-2010

Greens Labor Liberal/National




Aust Sex Party Democrats DLP Family First Socialist Alliance






Detailed policy comparison

Minor parties are listed below.

What’s already funded and happening as part of the Victorian Transport Plan (so will happen regardless of the election result, unless specifically rolled-back)?
PTUA position (Priorities for 2010-2014), and broader policy Greens Labor Liberal/National coalition
Management and planning

Set up an independent Public Transport Authority to more effectively plan, manage and co-ordinate public transport

Geelong: Armstrong Creek study into public transport needs (pilot for future studies in new suburbs)

Establish combined ministry for planning and transport

Improve modal integration Good

Public Transport Authority for planning and co-ordination Good

  Independent Public Transport Authority Good

Victorian Transport Plan PTUA position Greens Labor Liberal/National coalition
Rail services/fleet

38 new trains and additional stabling being rolled-out Good
Services at least every 10 minutes, 7 days-a-week until midnight (less frequent where duplication is required first) Train Task Force to extract maximum capacity from existing infrastructure Good

All suburbs to have a service at least every 10 mins (peak), 20 mins (off-peak) Good

More express trains Good

  40 additional trains ($1.4b) Good – only 7 during 2010-2014
Railway extensions, new stations, infrastructure upgrades
Regional Rail Link?
Metro tunnel feasibility?

South Morang extension and Clifton Hill group upgrade Good

Sunbury electrification Good

New stations at Cardinia Road, Caroline Springs, Lyndhurst, Williams Landing Good

Westall upgrade Good

Improved maintenance, sleeper replacement Good

New stations on existing lines, including Southland

Duplicate rail lines within the Urban Growth Boundary, including: Dandenong to Cranbourne, Gowrie to Upfield, Deer Park (West) to Melton, Cave Hill Station (Lilydale line)

Signalling upgrades to improve rail capacity at bottlenecks.

Electrification to Melton, Baxter

Rail extensions to Mernda, Rowville, Doncaster, Melbourne Airport, Clyde (Cranbourne East), Mornington.

Rail link to airport Good

Extend Epping line to South Morang and Mernda Good

Melton duplication and electrification Good

Duplicate single track sections in metro area Good

Feasibility into Rowville and Doncaster rail Good via a North Fitzroy rail tunnel?

Upgrade tracks, signals, eliminate network bottlenecks Good

Accelerate restoration of services to regional Victoria Good

Southland station and bus interchange ($45m) Good Fund Rowville Rail full feasibility study Good

Eltham North station feasibility study Good

Extend rail to Mernda by 2020.?

Doncaster rail feasibility study Good

Airport rail feasibility study?

Southland station ($13m) Good

Grovedale station ($25m) Good

Avalon airport rail study and preliminary works ($50m)?given an anticipated full cost of some $250m, this should be well down the priority list.

Railway station upgrades

1700 car spaces at stations, costing $60m Bad

Avoid station car park expansion as it wastes land suited to more valuable uses and diverts resources from feeder buses Upgrade Ringwood station Good

Purchase new trains with longer carriages?

Station upgrades: Balaclava, Blackburn, Fairfield Good

More bike cages ($800,000) Good

$56m for 2060 park and ride spaces (including $24.5m for 360 spaces at Glen Waverley) Bad – at more than $27,000 per space, this is not good value for money. Better spent on better connecting services.

Upgrade Ringwood station ($60m) Good – but after 2014
Victorian Transport Plan PTUA position Greens Labor Liberal/National coalition
Tram services

50 new low-floor trams to be purchased. Good

Upgrade to run at least every 10 minutes, 7 days-a-week until midnight All suburbs to have a service at least every 10 mins (peak), 20 mins (off-peak) Good Restoration of W-class trams, running more services on City Circle and route 30 ($6.3m)
Put more W-class trams back into regular service, on selected routes outside peak hour ($8m)?
Tram infrastructure

New tram depot and maintenance facility at Preston Good

Tram extensions to major shopping centres: 48 to Doncaster, 75 to Knox City, 3 to Chadstone

Short extensions to more logical interchanges to enable greater range of journeys to be made by public transport, including: 6 to Glen Iris, 67 to Carnegie, 8 to Hartwell, 5 to Darling, St Kilda Road to Park Street

Tram Task Force to review priority measures to unlock greater capacity Good

Improve disability access Good

Extend tram 3 to East Malvern station; 5 to Darling stn; 6 to Ashburton stn; 8 to Alamein line; 19 to Fawkner; 48 to Doncaster; 55 to Glenroy stn; 67 to Carnegie stn; 75 to Knox City; 86 to Mill Park; 96 to Elsternwick stn; 112 to Reservoir stn; St Kilda Rd to Park St; Victoria Pde to Nth Melb stn. Good

Victorian Transport Plan
PTUA position Greens Labor Liberal/National coalition
Smartbus services

No further routes planned Bad – Despite their success at getting people on board, there are no further Smartbus routes planned in the VTP.

Upgrade to run at least every 15 minutes until midnight, 7 days-a-week. Initiate bus purchases to upgrade further to every 10 minutes

Complete 902 Green Orbital route to Werribee

Implement the Blue Orbital inner-suburban route

Upgrade frequent, non-Smartbus routes to Smartbus status

All suburbs to have a service at least every 10 mins (peak), 20 mins (off-peak) Good  


Other bus issues

Mernda Busway (instead of rail) Bad – insufficient capacity long-term, and makes passengers change services at South Morang

Implement all of the Bus Service Review recommendations

Epping/South Morang to Mernda TrainLink bus pending rail extension

Huntingdale to Monash University Clayton TrainLink shuttle bus

Upgrade local routes to every half-hour, 7 days-a-week until midnight

Bus Task Force to restructure network to provide fast, frequent, direct, efficient routes linking with rail services Good

Improve disability access Good

New Huntingdale bus interchange, and Huntingdale to Monash shuttlebus running every 3-4 minutes Good

Local bus services: more frequent services and longer hours (unspecified)

Victorian Transport Plan
PTUA position Greens Labor Liberal/National coalition
Regional services Upgrade V/Line short distance services to every 30 minutes 7am-9pm, 7 days-a-week

Pilot Smartbus routes for Geelong and Ballarat.

Integrated bus/rail timetabling to ensure quick connections right across the state.

Feasibility into opening rural school bus services to the public Good

Better train/bus connections across regional Victoria Good

20 new V/Locity carriages ($130m) Good

Melbourne to Geelong trains every 20 mins weekday interpeak ($39.8m) Good

Better regional bus services (unspecified)

Transport Connections program expanded

Investigate Geelong to Ballarat to Bendigo direct rail services Good
Regional infrastructure

Clunes station to re-open Good
Commence rail gauge standardisation, beginning with the Shepparton line Track duplications, electrification and standardisation to allow for additional services Good

Reopening key closed rail lines, starting with Mildura Good

Feasibility study into Melbourne to Sydney high speed rail Good

  Boom barriers at up to 75 level crossings ($33m) Good
Victorian Transport Plan
PTUA position Greens Labor Liberal/National coalition
Personal safety

20 more Premium stations; 22 more Host stations. Good

Staff all Metro stations from first to last train. Provide a police presence at hotspot stations

Ensure staff are able to get rapid response from emergency services

More railway station CCTV feeds to police stations

“Tram cams”, motorist education and enforcement to improve passenger safety

Staff all train stations from first to last train Good 100 additional transit police Good

180 additional Metro staff, providing a staff presence on all Metro electrified stations (hours not clear) Good

Metrol safety control centre with 20 staff for CCTV monitoring Good

Two armed Protective Service Officers on all metro and some V/Line stations from 6pm to last train, seven days-a-week.?

Fares to increase by 5% above CPI in 2012, and again in 2013. Badwill make public transport fares less competitive with driving, all to fund “mega-projects” which don’t solve basic problems

Integrate Skybus into Met (zone 1+2) fares      

Myki to be rolled-out, expected in 2011. Metcard and current V/Line ticketing to be phased-out.

Victorian Transport Plan PTUA position Greens Labor Liberal/National coalition

Western Ring Road widening Bad

PeninsulaLink Bad – Expensive and environmentally damaging, and meanwhile there are no frequent public transport services at all south of Mornington.

Dingley Arterial (pseudo-Freeway) Bad – Another freeway in the south east, despite mostly 30-60 minute bus services in the area

Scrap Westlink; use funds for level crossing eliminations across Melbourne

Tram and bus priority to reduce delays

Greater on-road priority for public transport Good

Accelerate construction of Principal Bicycle Network, and increase road space for cyclists Good

Evaluate road expansion proposals for social and environmental benefits vs PT options Good

Main Road, St Albans grade separation ($82m; asking for Commonwealth funding) Good

Regional road upgrades ($163m)

Metropolitan road upgrades ($129m)

Northeast link planning Bad — More freeways do not provide longterm solutions to traffic congestion, and have a huge local environmental impact

Level crossing eliminations: Rooks & Mitcham Roads, Mitcham ($180m), Springvale Road, Springvale ($140m). Good

Planning for removal of level crossings at Bayswater, Ormond, Blackburn, St Albans, Glen Iris, Murrumbeena. Good

Kilmore-Wallan Bypass, Dingley arterial

Other Publish a multi-modal public transport system map for Melbourne Legislate that all private-use vehicles sold in Victoria from 2015 must meet standard of 6.8 litres per 100km. Good   $1 million competition for plans to renovate/restore Flinders Street Station.
In conclusion   As would be expected, the Greens have an aggressive agenda to upgrade public transport, with a Public Transport Authority being central to better managing and planning the network.

The vision of frequent public transport across Melbourne is welcome, and would provide more residents with a genuine alternative to car travel.

A number of relatively small-scale worthwhile initiatives, but no overall vision for a fast, frequent, connected network across Melbourne and Victoria.

Despite deservedly trumpeting Smartbus as a success story, pledging no new Smartbus routes at all (not even those previously announced and then cut back).

A number of positive policies, underpinned by a pledge to buy 40 additional trains, and introduce a Public Transport Development Authority to provide central management and planning.

While we have concerns about the plan for armed guards on stations at night, feasibility studies for rail to Doncaster, the Airport and Rowville, as well as level crossing eliminations are very welcome.

Overall score  




Minor party policies

Australian Sex Party

  • Pressure on government to invest further in public transport Good
  • Metro rail tunnel stages 1 and 2 to be delivered simultaneously?incredibly expensive, and likely to divert all available funds, leaving middle/outer suburbs without desperately needed upgrades
  • Separation of regional, metropolitan and regional rail lines to increase services?little detail. Potentially very expensive
  • Upgrades to rail signalling and other equipment Good
  • Tighter controls around information held by Myki
  • 24-hour train services, with security Good
  • Overall score: D – Some positives, but very vague.


  • Support magnetic levitation (maglev) trains Bad – overly expensive, and incompatible with existing infrastructure and rolling stock
  • More frequent train/tram services, 7 days-a-week Good
  • Simplification of train timetables Good
  • Rail extensions to Doncaster, Rowville, Mernda, Mornington Good
  • Grade separation Good
  • Priority for trams and buses Good
  • Pre-pay only on buses, to speed up loading?
  • More W-class trams back into service
  • Tram extensions to Chadstone, Doncaster, Knox Good
  • Overall score: D – Some good policies, but compromised by a pie-in-the-sky call for hugely expensive and unnecessary maglev trains


  • No policies available at time of writing, however Sunday Herald Sun reports:
  • Free metropolitan public transport Bad — revenue is around $600m per year. Even accounting for the huge cost of Myki, this would suck at least $465 million per year out of the system which is better spent on improved services
  • Overall score: TBA
Family First

  • Support inner-city road tunnel Bad – More freeways do not provide longterm solutions to traffic congestion
  • Abolish zone 2 Bad – means higher fares for zone 2-only local trips, loss of revenue better spent on improved services
  • Railway crossing improvements?unclear if this means grade-separation, and no details as to the number of crossings involved
  • Guards back on trains? – unclear what this means, or what benefit it would have
  • Conductors back on trams Good
  • Cut petrol taxes Badwould encourage more traffic
  • Overall score: F – largely counterproductive policies which would lead to more car dependence and undermine public transport

Socialist Alliance

  • Elected regional boards to run public transport, with representation from workers, commuters and residents Good
  • Integrate public transport and land-use planning by making all urban development dependent on public transport provision Good
  • Expand bus priority, and upgrade facilities at railway stations Good
  • Moratorium on motorway building Good
  • End the privatisation of public transport and rail freight by restoring to public ownership?
  • Overhaul and extend passenger rail systems. Reopen closed rural rail lines Good
  • Upgrade high-density urban bus routes to light rail?
  • Full staffing, including a guard/conductor on every train and tram?positive, but needs clarification. Train guards in the traditional sense have little benefit for passengers.
  • Move freight from road to rail Good
  • Make public transport free Bad — revenue is around $600m per year. Even accounting for the huge cost of Myki, this would suck at least $465 million per year out of the system which is better spent on improved services
  • Impose levies on CBD employers and developers of land with prime public transport access?
  • Overall score: B+

We will continue to update this scorecard as further policy announcements are made by the parties.

Updated 24-Nov-2010