Papers and submissions


 Geelong Branch feedback on CoGG Market Square Masterplan
See also: website


Geelong Branch feedback on Minerva Road Blackspot pedestrian safety upgrades (October 2023)
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Feedback to Level Crossing Removal Project on Maddox & Champion Roads, Newport (July 2023)

Geelong Branch feedback on Barwon Heads Road Upgrade Stage 2 (May 2023)


Submission to the National Electric Vehicle Strategy (October 2022) – See also: website


Submission to Senate Inquiry into the administration and expenditure of funding under the Urban Congestion Fund (September 2021) – PDF 779 Kb – See also: Inquiry website

Feedback to Level Crossing Removal Project on Deer Park level crossings (August 2021) – PDF, 570 Kb

Submission to Inquiry into the Health Impacts of Air Pollution in Victoria (April 2021) – PDF 1 Mb


Inquiry into the Victorian Government’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic – submission (October 2020) – PDF, 1.9 Mb

City of Ballarat Integrated Transport Plan – Draft combined plan – PTUA feedback (July 2020) – PDF, 330 Kb

City of Ballarat Integrated Transport Plan – Urban Transit discussion paper – PTUA feedback (July 2020) – PDF, 493 Kb

Submission to Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into the Increase in Victoria’s Road Toll (April 2020) — PDF, 1 Mb

Submission to Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into the Free Tram Zone (January 2020) — PDF, 1.5 Mb


Submission to Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Sustainable Employment for Disadvantaged Jobseekers (July 2019) – PDF, 67 Kb

City of Ballarat Integrated Transport Plan – Walking Discussion Paper – PTUA feedback (July 2019) – PDF, 880 Kb

City of Ballarat Integrated Transport Plan – Rail Discussion Paper – PTUA feedback (July 2019) – PDF, 477 Kb

North East Link – EES submission (June 2019) – PDF, 41 Kb


Mordialloc Freeway – EES submission (December 2018) — PDF, 22 Kb

Stories of Growth – Population, Transport and Melbourne’s Future (November 2018) — PDF, 184 Kb


Submission to Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Electric Vehicles (December 2017) — PDF, 185 Kb

Submission to Senate Inquiry into the Operations of Existing and Proposed Toll Roads in Australia (July 2017) — PDF, 171 Kb

West Gate Tunnel Project: Submission on the Environment Effects Statement (July 2017) — PDF, 265 Kb


Submission to Infrastructure Victoria on Victoria’s Draft Infrastructure Strategy (October 2016) — PDF, 309 Kb

Getting the Priorities Right: a response to Infrastructure Victoria’s initial consultation paper (March 2016) — PDF, 200 Kb

Statement on Rail Freight to Port of Melbourne (February 2016) — PDF, 304 Kb

Connecting Places (Public Transport Not Traffic campaign, February 2016 – State Budget Submission) — PDF, 1.2 Mb


Submission to Plan Melbourne Refresh (December 2015) — PDF, 192 Kb

Response to Mornington Peninsula Sustainable Transport Strategy (December 2015) — PDF, 81 Kb

Alphington paper mill development plan – second submission (November 2015) — PDF, 79 Kb

Queen Victoria Market redevelopment project (October 2015) — PDF, 110 Kb

Feedback to proposed Yarra Trams route changes (1, 6, 8 and 55) (August 2015) — PDF, 101 Kb

Response to proposed Banyule City Council Integrated Transport Plan (August 2015) — PDF, 125 Kb

Major public transport advocacy issues in the City of Wyndham (July 2015) — PDF, 206 Kb

Submission on revised Public Transport (Conduct) Regulations (May 2015) — PDF, 61 Kb

Submission to the Inquiry into the Register of Environmental Organisations (May 2015) — PDF, 110 Kb

Submission on development of former AMCOR paper mill site in Alphington (April 2015) — PDF, 108 Kb


Presentation to East West Link CIS Panel Hearings (April 2014) — PDF, 552 Kb

Submission to Senate Public Transport Inquiry (January 2014) — PDF, 518 Kb


Submission on East West Link Comprehensive Impact Statement (December 2013) — PDF, 483 Kb

Victorian State Budget Submission 2013-14 (January 2013) — PDF, 339 Kb

Federal Pre-Budget Submission 2013-14 — PDF, 468 Kb


Step Onboard, Stay Alive – Response to Victorian Road Safety Strategy Directions Paper (October 2012) — PDF, 600 Kb

Driven around the bend – Melbourne’s meandering bus routes (May 2012) — PDF, 1.1 Mb

Submission to Planning Panels Victoria on proposed expansion of Chadstone Shopping Centre (May 2012) — PDF, 478 Kb

Response to Rowville Rail Study: Stage One Feasibility Draft Report (April 2012) — PDF, 111 Kb

Submission to City Stonnington on the proposed expansion of Chadstone Shopping Centre (February 2012) — PDF, 264 Kb

Federal Pre-Budget Submission 2012-13 (January 2012) — PDF, 337 Kb


Station User Panel: Railway Station Useability Principles (December 2011) — PTUA contributed to this report.

Response to VCEC draft report on a State-Based Reform Agenda (December 2011) — PDF, 296 Kb

Response to National Land Freight Strategy discussion paper (April 2011) — PDF, 762 Kb

Response to VCEC draft report on Victoria’s tourism industry (April 2011) — PDF, 157 Kb

Response to National Road Safety Strategy Consultation Draft (February 2011) — PDF, 600 Kb


Submission to VCEC inquiry into Victoria’s tourism industry (December 2010) — PDF, 233 Kb

Submission to the Department of Treasury and Finance Congestion Levy Review (May 2010) — PDF, 111 Kb


Response to Victorian Climate Change Green Paper (September 2009) – PDF, 450Kb

Swanston Street Development Consultation (May 2009)

Federal Budget Submission, 2009-10 (April 2009) — PDF, 256Kb

Submission to the Inquiry into the investment of Commonwealth and State funds in public passenger transport infrastructure and services (February 2009) — PDF, 273Kb


A tax system for sustainable transport — Submission to the Review of Australia’s Future Tax System (October 2008) — PDF format, 440Kb

Submission to Infrastructure Australia on Victoria’s transport infrastructure priorities (October 2008) — PDF format, 332Kb

Response to A State of Liveability — A submission commenting on VCEC’s draft report on liveability (August 2008) — PDF format, 323Kb

Submission to the
Victorian Government on the East West Link Needs Assessment
(July 2008) — PDF format, 514Kb

Response to A Climate of Opportunity (June 2008) — PDF format, 523Kb

Climate Policy at the Junction — Submission to Garnaut Climate Change Review (April 2008) — PDF format, 672kb

Submission to the ACCC grocery prices inquiry (March 2008) — PDF format, 283Kb

Submission to the VCEC Inquiry on Enhancing Victoria’s Liveability (January 2008) — PDF format, 884Kb

Public Transport Governance (January 2008)


Response to: Towards an integrated and sustainable transport future — Discussion paper on transport legislation objectives (December 2007) — PDF format, 234Kb

Submission to the Audit of Melbourne 2030 (September 2007) — PDF format, 78Kb

Observational Analysis of Tram Delays in Inner Melbourne (September 2007)

Moving Australians Sustainably — Transport Policy in the National Interest (August 2007)

Submission to the Inquiry into Mandatory Ethanol and Biofuels Targets in Victoria (August 2007) — PDF format, 289Kb

Submission to the East-West Link Needs Assessment (June 2007) — PDF format, 864kb

Getting Melbourne’s Rail System on Track (April 2007, revised October 2007)

Response to the National Emissions Trading Taskforce Discussion Paper on a Possible Design for a National Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Scheme (January 2007) — PDF format, 295Kb


National Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Scheme — PTUA response to National Emissions Trading Taskforce Discussion Paper (December 2006) — PDF format, 124Kb

Road and Rail Freight Infrastructure Pricing — PTUA response to the Productivity Commission’s draft report (December 2006) — PDF format, 27Kb

Response to North East Integrated Transport Study (NEITS) (August 2006) — PDF format, 727Kb

Choosing the Right Options — PTUA response to VCEC’s draft report on managing transport congestion (June 2006) — PDF format, 640Kb

Submission in response to Draft City of Melbourne Transport Strategy (April 2006)

Road user and congestion charging — PTUA position paper (March 2006) — PDF format, 52Kb

Overview of How Australia’s Tax System Compares Internationally — PTUA submission to Federal Government tax inquiry (March 2006) — PDF format, 275Kb

Australia’s future oil supply and alternative transport fuels — joint PTUA submission with Environment Victoria to senate inquiry (February 2006) — PDF format, 401Kb

Transport and Liveability: Path to a Sustainable Victoria — Joint paper with the Coalition for People’s Transport (February 2006) — PDF format, 774Kb


VCEC inquiry into transport congestion — PTUA submission (December 2005) — PDF format, 580Kb

Five Year Plan for Melbourne’s public transport (November 2005)

South Morang Rail Extension: Needed now, do-able now — presentation to South Morang Rail Alliance (October 2005) — PDF format, 670Kb

Reforming Melbourne’s Buses — discussion paper (October 2005) — PDF format, 93Kb

Submission to the City of Melbourne Transport Strategy (September 2005) — PDF format, 143Kb

East-West Integrated Transport Proposal (EWITP) — Submission to the Planning & Environment Committee, Melbourne City Council (September 2005) — PDF format, 38Kb

Tram stop access — Joint statement from VCOSS, Paraquad Victoria, Disability Resources Centre and PTUA (May 2005)

Growing Victoria Together with Sustainable Transport (May 2005) — PDF format, 297Kb

Springvale Road Level Crossing Submission: A solution that benefits all: Pedestrians, public transport and road users (April 2005) — PDF format, 378Kb

Position paper on Smartbus route 700 (January 2005) — PDF format, 203Kb


Inquiry into Sustainable Urban Design for New Communities in Outer Suburban Areas — PTUA submission (February 2004) — PDF format, 254Kb


Melbourne 2030: Integrated transport — PTUA submission (February 2003) — PDF format, 261Kb

Chadstone Place expansion — PTUA submission (January 2003) — PDF format, 526Kb