PTUA Members welcome news of Ballarat Station Upgrade but it needs to be done right

On the 3rd of May, the Public Transport Minister announced that the Victorian government will at long last upgrade the station to meet modern accessibility standards. The upgrade will include the construction of a new pedestrian overpass with stairs and lifts on both platforms.

Ballarat station has long lacked crucial accessible connectivity making the station particularly difficult for mobility-impaired users and parents with prams to navigate.

PTUA members from Ballarat are thrilled that, after many years of advocacy, the government will deliver these essential upgrades. However, The government needs to ensure that upgrades provide the maximum possible benefits for all users of Ballarat station.

The upgrade needs to deliver:

  • Weather protection for users of the new overpass from Ballarat’s notorious rain and wind. 
  • Easy access between platforms and the bus interchange from the new overpass, that does not require traversing large lengths of the platforms. 
  • An additional entrance with myki readers to platform 2 in the fence near Bus Bay 2. This would allow easier access to the new overpass as well as reduce demand on the existing small entrance through the heritage building. 
  • A new shelter for users waiting for busses at Bay 1 of the interchange.
  • A station-wide review of wayfinding signage to ensure signs point users in the correct direction with applicable accessibility information. 
  • New trees planted in the northern forecourt to improve the appeal and eventual natural canopy of the concrete heavy space. 

You can support the PTUA’s efforts in Ballarat by joining as a member.

In the absence of an active PTUA Ballarat Branch, members of the PTUA Geelong Branch have reached out to our fellow regional members, to assist in drafting a submission to the Ballarat station upgrade project.

Existing members who would like to contribute to our Ballarat Station Upgrade Submission or are interested in working with others to re-establish a Ballarat branch are encouraged to contact our Geelong Branch convenor, Jarred Crowe, at geelong@ptua.org.au

The project is taking feedback until July 7th 2024 via the Engage Victora website.