Our final PT Problem of the Day for now: Buses along side streets = confusing, slow routes

Bus driving down a side street

Bus drivers have real difficulty manoeuvring their buses down side streets, between parked cars. Apart from slow trips, it also means journeys for passengers are along indirect routes and that services are confusing for first-time users.

A PTUA study last year found that on average, Melbourne bus routes were 70% longer than the most direct roads.

The answer is bus route reform, and upgrade of more services into Smartbus routes. Smartbuses run direct routes along arterial roads, with more frequent services than the average suburban bus. Unsurprisingly, passengers are jumping on board, with patronage increasingly rapidly.

This is the last in the PTUA’s Problem Of The Day series for now. Since April 2011 we’ve highlighted 150 different issues, many of which have been fixed after we raised them. This has also been a chance to bring attention to public transport issues often ignored by the operators and the government.

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