PT Problem of the Day: Regional Rail Link closure – lack of low-floor buses, and poor information

RRL closure: replacement buses lacking low-floor vehicles
RRL closure: no information for Sunbury/Sydenham line on screens at Flagstaff

The Sunbury, Ballarat and Bendigo lines have just had a two week closure for Regional Rail Link works.

While reports suggest the replacement services ran pretty smoothly, there were two issues of note that we’re highlighting:

Low-floor buses: PTV made a pledge that Ninety per cent of replacement buses will be Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliant low floor buses. In each bus run, at least one DDA compliant bus will be available. This wasn’t the case. PTUA member Rod counted around half the buses he saw being high-floor models, and plenty of bus runs without a low-floor bus available — causing delays for any wheelchair users, and inconvenience for parents with prams and others with mobility problems.

Passenger information: As you can see, even though special Flemington Race trains were listed as an option for Werribee and Williamstown line passengers needing to get from Loop stations to North Melbourne, the Sunbury/Sydenham line information was completely blank… for the entire two week closure. Announcements were made frequently in peak hour, but less so outside peak, and are of limited use to those with hearing difficulties. It seems little has changed since the first major closure in mid-2011.

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Bus photo: Rod Swift.