PT Problem of the Day: Wrong #Myki information on some trams (can they tell a bus from a tram?)

On December 29th, Melbourne became a Myki-only city. You’d hope they’d have ensured all the information posted around the system would be as accurate as possible.

But this tram (number 205 if anybody from Yarra Trams is reading) got the wrong signage.

It’s clearly intended to be placed in a bus. Apart from mentioning that soon you will be able to top up your Myki via the bus driver, it also says you need to touch off — which may cause more confusion and delays, as you generally don’t have to touch off when alighting trams.

Most trams have a different version of this information that is more relevant to tram passengers. We hope those that got the wrong information will be corrected as soon as possible, to help assist those still confused by Myki.

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