Problem of the Day: No #Myki ticket sales on trams, no short term tickets at all

No ticket sales on trams, no short term tickets at all

As of Saturday, there is no way to buy or top-up a ticket on a tram, and at present not on buses either (although it will be eventually). And on the entire Melbourne public transport network, there is no single or short term ticket available at all.

This is already causing confusion for occasional users — both tourists and locals alike. We fear in many cases locals who usually drive will use it as an excuse not to try public transport.

It’s not just the $6 (full fare)/$3 (concession) card cost — it’s also the confusion of how much you have to load onto it (which must be slightly more than the fare you’ll incur, because for the card to be usable, the balance must stay above zero) and of course many people aren’t comfortable with buying a non-refundable, reusable card that they will only use once.

The answer is clear: the government must change the system and offer a single use (2-hour or daily) ticket, such as the paper tickets used alongside smartcards in Brisbane and Perth and most other cities around the world.

Sign our petition calling for single use tickets.

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