PT Problem of the Day: No ticket sales or #Myki topup on trams from Dec 29th. Will fare evasion skyrocket?

Fare evasion warning / No ticket sales on trams

Most people would agree that preventing fare evasion is a matter of carrot and stick. The carrot is easy purchase of tickets; the stick is more consistent and regular ticket checks.

Instead we’ve gone backwards — particularly on trams. When there were tram conductors, it was almost certain your ticket would be checked, and you could easily buy one. When tram conductors were withdrawn, fare evasion rose dramatically.

From December 29th, there will be no ticket sales (or Myki topup) on trams at all — no option to pay your way once you board the tram. With ticket checks comparatively infrequent, particularly in the suburbs, there are real fears that fare evasion will go through the roof.

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